Just Published! Photos for the Gulf: First Anniversary Edition

We’re excited to announce the publication of Photos for the Gulf: First Anniversary Edition, a new version of our best selling book, Photos for the Gulf, published to coincide with the first anniversary of the BP Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Like the first edition, all proceeds are being donated to the Gulf Restoration Network, an organization doing vital work along the Gulf Coast.

Photos for the Gulf: First Anniversary Edition books

Highlights of the First Anniversary Edition include:

  • photographs from 22 photographers
  • an Introduction by marine biologist, Erin K. Grey, Ph.D., Postdoctoral Researcher in the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, at Tulane University
  • a completely redesigned layout
  • two-page spreads for all images and reflections
  • our first book with an ISBN and barcode
  • our first book with a Library of Congress control number
  • updated photographer bios

A sample of the new two-page layouts:

Screen Shot of Torri Thompson's Page

Screen shot of Michael Waddell's Page

Screen Shot of David Morgen's Page

Screen Shot of B.J. Burton's Page

Screen Shot of Jimmy White's Page

From Dr. Grey’s Introduction, on why, a year later, so much is still unknown:

A year later, due to the complexity of nature and oil, we still do not understand very well these hard to see impacts. Questions linger: How did oil and chemical dispersant move through the food webs, how long did (or will) it stay, and how many organisms died as a result? How much oil is still out there, lurking in underwater plumes or mixed into the sediment, waiting for the next storm to whip it back up? What are the non-lethal effects of the oil? Will some organisms be more susceptible to disease or suffer reproductive problems? Understanding these impacts will be complex and will take years to understand—not something likely to make headlines in today’s high through-put society.  But it is vital that people realize that the spill will affect the Gulf for years to come. We must continue to study what happened and help restore the ecosystem.

To help with these efforts, purchase your copy of Photos for the Gulf: First Anniversary Edition today!