introducing composing with images press

Composing with Images, Bill Wolff and Billie Hara’s theme-based photo blog, is proud to announce the creation of Composing with Images Press (CWIP).

Since July of 2009, Bill and Billie have explored the intricate relationships between images and words by composing photographs of a particular theme.  They then compose written text that discusses their photographs through the lens of that theme.

Their photographic selections for each weekly theme are sometimes similar; more often, however, their photographs differ significantly from each other and illuminate how easy it is interpret words, text, and ideas in distinct ways. As such, their photographs and descriptions are not just posts on a particular theme. Rather, they are rhetorical constructions composed in tandem to make the case for why they successfully represent the theme of the week.

CWIP will extend the goals and practices of this unique blog to the medium of the book. We seek and will solicit photo-book-length texts that bring together photographs and alphabetic text to engage creative, artistic, social, cultural, and rhetorical ideas within a particular theme.

Many of our books, like our inaugural collection to support the rehabilitation of the Gulf of Mexico, will support charities and/or non-profit organizations.

Submission criteria for unsolicited manuscripts will be online soon.

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