call for entries: gulf coast oil spill relief benefit photo book

updated July 7, 2010 / June 9, 2011

Call for Entries

Composing with Images Press seeks photographs of the Gulf Coast as you have composed it through your lens and through your words to be included in a photo book (title to be informed by the work we receive). All proceeds from the sales of this book will be donated to help support oil spill-related relief efforts.

(Special thanks to Current Photo Contests for posting this on their web site. Please take a look at the many other excellent contests current advertised at Current Photo Contests.)

Photo Book Theme: Photos for the Gulf

The worst environmental disaster in United State history continues to unfold in the Gulf of Mexico, destroying ecosystems and centuries-old ways of life. We have all seen the photos of oil gushing out of the well, caked on the shore-lines, and smothering helpless animals. Indeed, it is the photographs of the disaster that have made the utter catastrophe a reality to many people around the world.

Composing with Images Press seeks photographs of the Gulf Coast and life on the Gulf Coast as you have composed them through your lens and through your words. Your image can depict the Gulf Coast of your past or your present. The Gulf Coast stretches from the eastern shores of Texas to the western shores of Florida and we welcome images that represent the range of spaces, communities, and spaces in that vast region.

All proceeds from photo book sales will be donated to The Gulf Restoration Network to help support their relief efforts in the Gulf of Mexico.

The editors will select approximately 60 images to be included in the photo book. This call is open to amateur and professional photographers world wide working in all styles, mediums, and schools of thought. Photographs from all types of cameras (including cell phones) welcome. If you want to see some examples of life on the Gulf Coast photos, see the photos the editors have placed in the Life on the Gulf Coast photo set on Flickr.

So, go through your portfolio, find that best Gulf Coast photo you’ve always wanted to see in print, submit it, and help out those in need!

Submission Specifics

  • One photograph per photographer Up to 3 photographs per photographer.
  • JPG files only, resolution 72ppi, and 800px at it’s longest side (if your photograph(s) is accepted, will will request a larger image)
  • Name file in this manner: “yourlastname-yourfirstname.jpg”
    If submitting more than one photo, please name them: lastname-firstname-image1.jpg, lastname-firstname-image2.jpg, lastname-firstname-image3.jpg,
  • Compose a 100-150 word reflection about your image. Why did you choose this image for the collection? ¬†How is this image indicative of the “Gulf” of your past or present?
    If submitting more than one image, please specify your reflection with Reflection 1: yourreflection, Reflection 2: yourreflection, Reflection 3: yourreflection.
  • Entry fee: 1 image = $10.00; 2 images = $20.00; 3 images = $25.00 (all entry fee donations will be submitted via PayPal; proceeds go directly to The Gulf Relief Foundation and LA Gulf Response)
  • Due date: 11:00pm, Monday, July 5 Extended to August 1, 2010!! The Deadline has passed.
  • Submit images and reflections via the Submissions Page
  • If you have questions, please contact us via the website or through email cwipress [at] gmail [dot] com.


Composing with Images Press founders and editors, Bill Wolff and Billie Hara, university professors who teach classes that explore intersections between image and text, will select 40 – 60 images to be included in the photo book.

Prizes will be awarded for the 1st, 100th, and 500th photographers to submit their photograph. The prize will be a free copy of the photo book. Other prizes may be announced.

1st submission received! Free book sponsored by

Photo Book Specifics

CWIP will produce a book with 40 – 60 images of the Gulf Coast along with short narratives of the photographer’s reflection on the photograph.

The book will be sold online in the Blurb for Good portion of the Blurb web site. Blurb for Good features books designed to benefit local and national charities. It will also be advertised on this and other web sites.

Photographers will retain all rights to their images.

Don’t wait:

Submit your photo and help restore the Gulf Coast!