Announcing the Creation of the Student Books Series

Composing with Images Press is excited to announce the creation of the Student Books Series. In this series, students at colleges and universities under the guidance of their instructors and in collaboration with CWiP, will conceive of, design, and edit books to benefit a charity of their choosing. As with all CWiP books, 100% of the proceeds from book sales and submission fees will be donated to the students’ charity.

The first five books in the Student Books Series will be edited by students who are Writing Arts majors at Rowan University, a mid-sized state school in southern New Jersey. As majors in one of the only stand-alone Writing Arts departments in the country, Rowan students are ideal inaugural editors: not only are they dedicated to writing, they are also able to learn about the book publishing industry (something they will need to know about in the future) while dedicating their time to helping those in need. The required upper-level course for which they are completing the project, Writing, Research, and Technology, is taught by Dr. Bill Wolff, one of the founders and editors of Composing with Images. With a successful initial venture, Dr. Wolff hopes that other faculty members throughout the country will consider partnering with CWiP in the future.

There will be 5 inaugural books in the Student Books Series, each dedicated to a specific charity. They are (in alphabetical order):

The students are in the process of composing their individual Call for Entries, which will be announced on the CWiP web site or before Monday, October 3. (Update 10/2/11: See the calls for entry.) Like all CWiP books to date, the students’ books will have a theme that is directly related to the goals of their chosen charity. Books will be sold via’s Blurb for Good online store. In the future, we are hoping to have students also release electronic versions of their books.

If you have any questions about the Student Books Series or think you’d be interested in having your class design books for it, please contact us via the Contact page.