Announcing the Publication of Voices for Wild Faces!

Composing with Images Press is very excited to announce the publication of the first book in our Student Books Series:

Voices for Wild Faces

Edited by Kayla Ewing, Krista Hendrickson, Jamie Mahoney, and Adam Toscani, Writing Arts majors at Rowan University, Voices for Wild Faces is available for purchase by going through our Blurb affiliate link:

Preview Voices for Wild Faces (which has the full book for a limited time):

100% of all proceeds from the book ($5.00/book and all submission fees) will be donated to the Wildlife Conservation Society. By going through our Blurb affiliate link, an additional 15% will go to Voices for Wild Faces! It makes the perfect Earth Day gift. Buy yours today!

From the students’ Introduction:

Why do we, humans, tend to think that our exploits are far more important than that of lesser creatures—animals? This book aims, subtly, to reveal the faces of those ignored—the faces of animals other than us in an effort to show that we are animals among animals—animals just as amazing and interesting as ourselves, perhaps even more so (if you can believe it). If you think you can (believe it, that is), flip the page and gaze into the pensive eyes of an owl, witness the calm demeanor of the gorilla, identify the lynx’s fierce disposition. Chuckle at the quirky expression of the giraffe, laugh over a lounging lion and think about this: When was the last time that a human interested you this much?

We all as humans have voices. We all use these voices to take us through life and to protect us. We are not always conscious of the voiceless, of the animals: those who cannot so easily stand up for themselves. Voices for Wild Faces aims to make you, the reader, conscious of the voiceless. By buying this book you are, in a sense, acknowledging their voice. You will read passages and blurbs from the late William Template-Hornaday with his writings on The Minds and Manners of Wild Animals, A Book of Personal Observations, as well as other notable authors. You may realize why these animals need a home such as you or I do. You may realize that the rights we reserve for ourselves should likewise be reserved for our animal brethren. You may realize that your voice can be as empowering for these animals as it is for you.

With the purchase of Voices for Wild Faces, you will have donated a voice to the Wildlife Conservation Society ($5.00 per book is donated to the organization). The Wildlife Conservation Society helps to protect animals, their habitats, landscapes, seascapes, and their right to be heard—to be important, to be acknowledged. By buying this book, you are lending your voice to the collective shout of this charity. The animals must be heard; we must protect them and, unfortunately, protect them against ourselves.

Although we cannot give representation to every animal in every habitat in every corner of the world, we hope that this book will get you thinking. Enjoy the pictures that you see. Enjoy the animals. Think about what it is to be “sane and sensible.” How can you “be just?” By what means can you “promote the greatest good for the greatest number?” Wonder about the animals. Wonder what it must be like to be them. Wonder what it would be like if you didn’t have a voice.