Announcing the Publication of Play: A Collection of Toy Camera Photographs!

Composing with Images Press is very excited to announce the publication of

Play! A Collection of Sixty-three Toy Camera Photographs Made by Thirty-six Photographers in Twelve Countries

Edited by Associate Professor, Jody Shipka, with Nic Nichols of, Play! is available for purchase by going through our Blurb affiliate link:

Preview Play! (which has the full book for a limited time):

100% of all proceeds from the book ($5.00/book and all submission fees) will be donated to the Marine Toys for Tots Foundation to benefit children in areas ravaged by tornadoes in the US in 2011. In 2011, there were 552 tornado-related deaths in the United States—tied with 1936 for second as the most deadly in US history (the highest being 794 in 1925). By going through our Blurb affiliate link, an additional 15% (or a total of $11.44) will go to Toys for Tots!

To give you an idea of the kind of devastation these tornadoes wrought, here is a before and after photo of the same street corner in Joplin, MO, taken May 22:

Play! makes the perfect holiday gift for the toy camera photographer you know and love. Here is a link to Blurb’s holiday shipping schedule so you know when to time your purchase: Buy soon so you can take advantage of the lowest shipping cost.

We are so proud to have these 36 photographers join those in the two Photos for the Gulf books:

Lori Bell, Nancy A. Breslin, Jenni Gick Callard, Adrienne Defendi, Szymon Drzazdzewski, Rachael DuMoulin, Renee S. Elkin, Paul Elter, R.J. FOX, Lucia Fischer, Chris Hanke, Judith Hoffman, Ed Holmes, Randy Jennings, Neha Luhar-Trice, Sue Jenkins, Mauricio J. Jiménez, Helen Kaelin, Gerda Lelieveld, Suzi Livingstone, Jose Manuel Madrona, Erin Malone, Mary E. Mayer, C. Gary Moyer, Robert Arden Peinert, Herschel Pollard, Simon Ponder, Ana Filipa Quintão, Deon Reynolds, Valery Rizzo, Javier Romero, Donita Simpson, Daryl Tebbutt, Stephen Vella, Jan Watten, Yuno

So, take a look at the preview and buy your book today. In doing so you’re going to help children who really do need it.