Announcing the Publication of Moments to Cherish: A Book about Motherhood!

Composing with Images Press is very excited to announce the publication of the second book in our Student Books Series:

Moments to Cherish: A Book about Motherhood

Edited by Katie Bosch, Alicia Schwartz, Maria Sebastiano, & Danielle White, Writing Arts majors at Rowan University, Moments to Cherish: A Book about Motherhood is available for purchase by going through our Blurb affiliate link:

Preview Moments to Cherish (which has the whole book for a limited time):

By going through our Blurb affiliate link, an additional 15% will go to March of Dimes! It makes the perfect Mother’s Day gift. Buy yours today!

From the students’ Introduction:

The March of Dimes is a non-profit organization that works together for stronger, healthier babies across the country and Puerto Rico. They also support mothers-to-be to have full term babies and research the problems that threaten the health of babies. The March of Dimes is there to offer guidance for the mother before, during and after birth of her baby. They promote research that aims to prevent birth defects, prematurity and infant mortality.

This organization brings awareness to mothers during their journey through motherhood. They hold multiple events throughout the year sponsoring the promotion of healthy babies. Some of these events include World Prematurity Day, Bikers for Babies and 5K for Healthy Babies.

The goal for our book is to appreciate the journey of motherhood. We reveal the journey through images and text contributed by a variety of sources. We have come together to create a book to benefit the non-profit organization, March of Dimes. It was our honor to have the privilege to support this life changing charity.We hope our book about Motherhood touches your heart and helps raise awareness for the cause to have stronger and healthier babies.